Mr. Park, the chief trouble shooter.
Prof. Lee, who explained us everything about Korea. 

One of the many tireless voluteers.
Donatas from Lithuania
I was certainly not the only one to worry about his flight ticket in the last days before the tournament, but in the end we got them in time. Since we used the Munhak Convention Center while many architectonical details were not yet completly finished, the rooms on our way to the playing rooms looked different every day. Even under these conditions we enjoyed the full hospitality of our Korean hosts and the tournament was hardly effected in a negative way. This was accomplished by the untiring efforts of a vast staff of volonteers, who were also responsible for the open, friendly athmosphere around us. We owe them a lot. While most of them where young students (not only Baduk players) there were also people such as Prof. Lee, who always shared his vast knowledge on things Korean with us. Further, the people from the Hanguk Kiwon, notably Mr Park Jinseo and the referees Seo Nunguk and Nam Chihyung devoted much more than their ordinary working hours to the success of this tournament. Moreover, the mayor of Incheon City, Mr. Ahn Sangsoo, the director of the organising commitee, Mr. Park Guihyeon, and all the other officials spent quite a lot of their time around us. The only tragic incident occurred at the very end of the event, when Donatas Ugenskas from Lithuania broke his arm right before our bus left for the airport. Donatas was brought to the hospital and could not get on the plane in time. I wish him all the best for his recovery!

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